12 Days of Customer Service Tips

12 Days of Customer Service Tips

The Twelfth Day Tip:

Share advice and give tips. This last of my Christmas customer service tips comes as we get closer to the actual day. Customers in any kind of business are starting to get feelings of more urgency and many times more pressure. “How do I make this the best holiday ever?” is a question that is not always expressed, but is felt. Employees are doing their jobs, but already I have heard cashiers telling me how tired they are or how they can’t wait till their shift gets over, so they can do their shopping and get ready for the holiday.

One of the things that will help everyone is when you give a customer a piece of advice that will assist them in some way. This could be as simple as telling them what is the favorite gift that is being purchased in your store, it could be telling them what time is the better time to shop when it is not so busy, it could be sharing with them where to quickly find something. When I asked an employee of a department store the other day if they had a specific item I wanted, she said they did not, but then proceeded to tell me the name of another department store that did have it. Yes, she lost that immediate sale, but I will definitely go back to her counter next year when I need other items, because of her willingness to give a tip that helped me today.  As a former Disney cast member, we were always encouraged to share little things with our guests that would help make their experience better.  For example:  “you will always find a water fountain near the restrooms if you are thirsty and need a quick sip of something” or “you’ll get a great view of the parade if you stand over here”, etc.  It’s the little things that people will remember, the small things you say or do to help them, that will make the difference they will remember.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Best wishes to all!

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