The Second Day Tip:

Ask the next question. Many times a customer doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for, so they will ask a broad question. For example, when I was shopping for my daughter a dress, I asked the sales rep “where are your dresses?” The sales rep followed up my question with “Is the dress for you or someone else?” When I responded it was for my daughter, she proceeded to tell me that girl’s dresses were on the third floor and women’s dresses were on the second floor. By asking the next question, she was able to point me in the right direction, but also show me that she was paying attention to me and my needs.

I overheard one customer ask a sales rep, “when is your Friday sale?” Sounds like a ridiculous question doesn’t it? The rep could have just replied “that’s a silly question, of course, it is on Friday”. However, the rep very patiently responded, “the Friday sale is on Friday, but we are able to hold any items you would like to purchase beforehand as a pre-sell item.” The rep was listening for the question behind the question.

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