The Fourth Day Tip:

People are paying attention to you, so be constantly aware of what your body language, facial expressions, and voice tone are conveying. You may think since there are no customers in the store, they don’t notice you slouching behind the counter or reading your texts, but you never know who is passing by the window/door and see you.

Think of yourself as an actor/actress on a stage from the moment you walk into your place of business. Even if an actor is not the star, they know they are being observed and play their part at all times. Customers want to see you engaged in your work. If you don’t have a customer at the moment, look for things to do to be prepared for when you are busy.

Stand up straight, don’t look bored or annoyed, speak with enthusiasm and energy.  Customers like to do business with employees who act as if they enjoy their job and the products/services they sell.  Don’t be like the cashier I had the other day:  he stopped checking out my products to answer his cell phone call from a friend.  He told them he was busy but would call them right back.  That is terrible customer service!

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