12 Days of Customer Service Tips

12 Days of Customer Service Tips

The Seventh Day Tip:

Have staff available, visible, and ready to help. It amazes me to see how much companies spend on advertising in the newspapers, radio, and billboards, then to walk into their store and not be able to find someone to assist me. Circuit City went out of business because of the lack of customer service and customers not getting the help they needed to make technological purchases.

The world still needs people to talk to people. Staff must be trained properly, know the products and services being offered, and look like they want to help. Everyone has encountered at some point in their life, the employee who obviously doesn’t want to be working and tries to hide from customers. The company has just wasted all those advertising dollars because they didn’t follow through and train the staff in soft skills and product knowledge.

Customers don’t always want a sales rep to help them, but when they do, a person should be quickly accessible and act genuinely interested in assisting the customer. People will remember how they were treated far longer than anything else. Treat your customers like gold. It is 3 to 5 times more costly to bring in a new customer than to keep the one you have. Even if you don’t sell to them this time, you can make an impression on them that they will want to come back.

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