>So many choices, yet why do I keep going back to the same businesses I always do? Because I know they can deliver what they promised and they make me feel good about my choice. I am willing to rave about those businesses and have from time to time in my social media and personal interactions, but I also am willing to write testimonials that will help sell their business offering to others. 7 Tips to a Perfect Customer Testimonial helps you as a business capture comments from customers like me.

But, before that happens, you have to create the “raving customer”.  Three simple tips:

1.  Listen to the customer and determine upfront what he is really looking for.  Ask questions to clarify and verify.  Share advice and knowledge you have that he may not know in making his decision.
2.  Deliver on the requirements that you both agreed upon in step #1.  Conformance to requirements is critical to your integrity as a business.  If you find external circumstances are preventing you from meeting the requirements, call or visit the customer immediately to explain the situation and offer an alternative.  Never knowingly agree to the requirements upfront if you know you can’t deliver.
3.  Treat the customer as you would a fine glass of china throughout the entire sales process and delivery process.  Don’t drop them at the end.  Make them feel important and special at every touchpoint along the way, because they are!


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