>According to a CNN report, we Americans spend hours and hours waiting for technicians, furniture deliverers, and the cable guys to show up.  In 2011, this time spent waiting on services cost American workers $37.7 billion!  The average wait time has been 4.5 hours and the average number of times a year for waiting for an in-house appointment was three.  50% of the respondents said they used a sick day or vacation day to wait.  The cable guy was number one in who keeps us waiting the longest at 57%.

Interestingly, 70% of the people responding to the survey said they would recommend a company simply because a representative was on time!  That dropped to 43% who would recommend a company if they had to wait an extra 15 minutes.  Why?  Customers say they think the reason that companies who aren’t showing up on time is because they “don’t care about my time”.

Bottom line cost:  study found companies lose an average of $330 for each customer who decides to stop doing business with them.  I’m sure it gets much larger than that if you figure in lost referrals.

The question becomes:  do you look through the lens of the customer when designing your delivery processes or only through the lens of the organization? Great customer service must come after the sale too – its all part of the customer experience.

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