>Shoppers are venturing forth into the stores this holiday season after two years of holding back. Don’t lose this opportunity to WOW them so they will keep coming back after the wreaths are taken down and the Christmas carols have stopped playing.

Here are 4 simple tips that will make them want to come back:

1. Smile – A smile is a welcoming gesture. A smile and nod of the head conveys meaning that “I’m glad you came into my store”.

2. Be Available – You know how it feels when you are looking for an item and can’t find it, you know how it feels to be ready to pay for an item and not be able to find someone to check you out. Don’t let that happen to your customers. Be visible and available.

3. Be helpful – Anticipate customer needs and look through their lens. Ask if they are looking for something in particular. If you know any tips or advice regarding the item you can share with the customer by all means, DO SO! This will be remembered and appreciated. Zappos.com, an online shoe order company, teaches all their call reps to be sure and tell the customer where they can find the shoes they want if Zappos doesn’t have them. Customers are shocked that the company will send them to the competition, but they remember the helpful gesture and come back the next time to Zappos first.

4. Thank – Thank the customer for coming into your store whether they bought or not. Maybe you didn’t have what they were looking for at this moment, but if you do the first three actions listed above, they will be more willing to come back after the holidays and they are more apt to refer you to others.

Simple tips, definitely. But, they can be magical if practiced by everyone on your staff throughout this holiday season.

Teri Yanovitch is a leading speaker, trainer and consultant on creating a culture of customer service within an organization. Her firm T.A.Yanovitch, Inc. provides a clear and proven process on how to create this culture of service and helps guide organizations to ensure their success. Through her presentations, workshops and training, Teri has assisted organizations from all industries to differentiate their business through the competitive edge of the customer experience.

Contact Teri at ty@retainloyalcustomers.com

Her highly acclaimed book Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to “ Ultimate Customer Service” has sold over 32,000 books and is recognized as a practical, hands-on approach to providing a seamless extraordinary service experience to retain customers and employees. Contact Teri at ty@retainloyalcustomers.com for your next speaking engagement or for a copy of her book.

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