I scheduled a repairman to come to my home this morning to fix my refrigerator ice maker. Not an experience I was looking forward to as past experiences conjured up someone who would be late, appear slovenly, leave me a mess to clean up after, and charge me a fortune.

Not this time. I got a WOW EXPERIENCE! Rob from A & E Factory Service turned an ordinary repair service trip into an extra-ordinary service trip that made my day better. It started with his phone call two hours before arrival letting me know approximately what time he would arrive. He then telephoned ten minutes prior to let me know he was on his way.

When Rob rang the doorbell and I opened the door, he had on a clean pressed logo uniform shirt and hat, blue booties covering his shoes, and a big smile on his face. He shook my hand and introduced himself. As I led him into the kitchen, he listened to my issue to confirm the problem with the ice maker and then ASSURED me he would fix the problem.

The repair was completed within 15 minutes and Rob called me into the kitchen. He explained what he had done and then shared some suggestions for my future use with the ice maker to make certain the same problem did not happen again. He looked professional, spoke professional, and acted professional.

Would I recommend their services to someone else? Absolutely. Why? Because Rob exemplified the actions one needs to do to build trust with a customer so they will want to recommend their services to others. These actions are:

1. Give direct eye contact and identify yourself
2. Look professional and pay attention to the details (name tag, booties, clean)
3. Actively listen to the customer (even if you already know the problem)
4. Show confidence in your expertise to fix the situation
5. Leave the area looking better than what it did when you got there
6. Share a piece of advice

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