>He had to do it.  He just had to.  There was no way to avoid it.  He (my air conditioning technician) had to tell me (his customer) that my a/c unit was history.  The compressor was locked and after 14 years needed to be replaced.  While the news was not pleasant nor what I wanted to hear, Scott did a great job in delivering the message.

1.  He said in a sincere manner, “I’m sorry, I have bad news for you.”
2.  He gave a brief explanation of the problem and then stopped talking.
3.  He let me rant and rave, vent my feelings and talk my way through the news.
4.  He asked if I was ready to listen to options and if not, he could call me back tomorrow.
5.  He matter-of-factly explained my options and gave his advice.
6.  He apologized again and reassured me of a wonderful future with an energy efficient a/c and cool home.

No one likes to receive unpleasant news, but by looking through the lens of the customer and applying a couple techniques of good communication skills, Scott demonstrated excellent customer service!


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