Dear Manager,

As this year’s holiday season is drawing to a close, I hope you will remember to thank your frontline staff. I encountered so many wonderful employees this year who were really under pressure and maintained their composure and friendliness during some trying circumstances. In one instance, a woman shopper was clearly upset over not receiving the coupon discounts she expected and really started to blast the employee (who was not the employee who forgot to apply the discount) and this employee handled her superbly! She acknowledged her emotions first “I can see you are very upset” and then she proceeded to help satisfy the concern, “let me see how I can correct this”. In a matter of 60 seconds, the woman had calmed down and actually started to smile and apologize to the employee.

What a wonderful example of great service recovery.
I saw a lot of patience in your frontline staff as they worked till the bitter end.  You should be very proud of so many of your employees as they really tried hard to delight their customers. 
You have to know that internal customer service results in external customer service and it is all a reflection of your cultureSo pat yourself on the back, but please, please remember to personally and creatively thank each and every one of your employees, because believe me – your frontline is your bottom-line!

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