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Not often does the owner of a business dress up in costume and parade around their offices, but Larry Hinton, owner and general manager of Andy Shaw Ford dealership in Sylva, N.C. did just that last week. The occasion – Thanksgiving! Larry wanted to do more than hand out a little cash for all his employees in thanks for all their hard work this year. In fact, he has found out, that in the past, when he gave cash that rather than it being a special treat, many times it would go into filling up the gas tank or paying off a dentist bill. Both good ways to spend one’s money, but it wasn’t perceived as a treat.

So, this year, he went to the store and bought 36 turkeys to hand deliver to each employee with a word of thanks for their efforts in making the dealership successful this year. And going one step further, he dressed up like a turkey while handing out the birds. The employees loved it!

Larry said, “I got more kind words of appreciation for the $20.00 turkeys, than for any bonus or sales contest where I’ve given out thousands of dollars.” Privately, employees have come up and told him how much their families have appreciated the turkey. And, he says, there is an increased feeling of a spirit of fun and teamwork among all managers and staff this week that he attributes to putting himself “out there” in a turkey costume.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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