Arrive as a Guest, Leave as a Friend

A few weeks ago, I extended a business trip by a couple of days to explore a new area of the country I had never seen. Going to for recommendations for a place to stay in Durango, Colorado, a small mom and pop motel kept appearing as the #1 place to stay. Deciding to be adventurous and break out of the franchise hotel chains, I made my reservation at the Adventure Inn.

My expectations were not too high, but what a delightful surprise it was! From the moment, I stepped into the lobby, the friendliness exuded through every employee I met. The motel room was perfect for my needs and very clean. Little details had been thought through for the typical guests.

The biggest Wow came from the check-in lobby area and the front desk clerk. There was a huge television monitor screen that filled a great portion of the wall. When I asked about recommended restaurants, the clerk was able to pull up a life size picture of the restaurant and show me its interior and menu. What an easy way to make a choice. He could also show me real time pictures of the passes to know if they were clear or too dangerous for driving.

Each guest was made to fill like a special guest. The time to learn a little about each one and their reason for being in Durango, helped the clerk customize and relate the most relevant information to make their stay a better one. I enjoyed my stay and appreciated the individualized treatment so much, I convinced a couple friends to stay at Adventure Inn a few months later and I joined them too. That’s what a loyal customer can do for your business. And in today’s world of many hotel choices, that’s the secret that Adventure Inn knows will be the key to their success.

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