I have a fan in my master bedroom that came with the house when we bought it 10 years ago.  Over the years, it has stopped working a couple of times and in each instance, I have called Henry’s Electric company.  Scott Henry, the son’s owner, has always made me feel that this fan is the most special fan he has ever worked on.  He describes each component and feature with reverance and respect for its once glory days and always has brought it new life.

A couple of weeks ago, the fan died again.  I called Scott and was told he was out on extended medical leave and would not be able to work on my fan.  I knew that Scott had said he was one of the few people who had the knowledge and training to work on this fan and so I was hugely disappointed.  And here is where the magic and this story begins….

Chuck Henry, the owner, comes out to my house and gingerly takes down my fan dusting off and carefully placing each piece in order.  He says he has talked to Scott and Scott remembers my fan (last visit was 2006) and has said he would be delighted to work on it from his home that weekend.  (I find out that Scott has cancer and is in a wheelchair).
The following week, Chuck returns my fan, placing tarp over my carpets to make sure nothing is messed up and once again carefully restores the beautiful fan to its center stage in the room.  He makes sure everything is clean and in place before he leaves and then kindly thanks me for my business and remembering them.
I, am the one now “thanking them” for a job well done and how much excellent customer service stands out in a world of such mediocrity service.
Thank you Chuck and Scott!

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