>I had just gotten a new cell phone, but still didn’t know how to work all the features. This was not a major problem until I was traveling out of town and saw on the display that my daughter had called and left a message… but I didn’t know how to retrieve the messages.

Normally, I would have called my daughter back, but I was waiting in line at the car rental counter and had a busy day planned. I decided that I couldn’t put off learning how to get my messages indefinitely, so I contacted my mobile carrier and asked for help. The representative came on the line… “Hello, my name is Steve, how can I help you?”

I explained my situation and he said that he could not help me. But, then, he added, he KNEW EXACTLY WHO COULD. He then asked if I had four minutes.

I said “yes”.
He asked if he could put me on Hold.
I said “yes”.

After about two and a half minutes, Steve came back on the line and said “Ms. Yanovitch, I have Susan on the other end of the line. I have explained your situation and she KNOWS she can solve your problem. I will bow out of the conversation now and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day”.

Training employees to be competent allows them to be confident and the end result is the customer feels taken care of!


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