CX Transformations must be planned.

Recognizing the customer experience is the competitive edge, savvy organizations know that it isn’t by luck or accident that transforming the current way of doing business with the customer is going to happen.They know it requires a methodical approach to ensure all employees from all departments and all locations can work together to consistently produce the best customer experience across multi-channels.

No matter what business you are in, launching a customer experience transformation starts with having a Vision. This Vision must be developed by the leadership of the organization and put into a short simple statement to disseminate to employees. The Vision should be so clear that employees can see, hear, feel, and touch the end result.

Now comes the work! Having a structured approach vs. a haphazard approach, ensures you are weaving the customer experience transformation into the fabric of the organization Seven key areas to address:

1. Communication both one-way and two -way for employees to discuss ideas and challenges to achieve the desired CX transformation in their specific areas.
2. Education and training for employees to learn the skills, tools, and behaviors needed to deliver the desired customer experience.
3. Measurement to analyze the customer’s perspective and pinpoint key opportunities for improvement.
4. Recognition to reinforce those employees as they perform new behaviors and highlight their successes.
5. Removal of obstacles that appear to be barriers to the transformation. There will definitely be obstacles, but they can’t be ignored or swept under the rug, they must be addressed and eliminated.
6. Recruitment of new employees to ensure the right fit into the customer-centric , human-designed culture.
7. Accountability for everyone top to bottom.

“Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service” co-authored by myself and Dennis Snow, is a guideline to weave customer experience transformations into the culture of your organization.

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