Loyal Customers are Valuable

Years ago before Amazon became the ubiquitous place to buy most everything, I did a Google search to find an online supplier of a particular facial product I loved.

A website came up and because I had several questions, I decided to call before making a purchase. The woman answering the phone very patiently answered all my questions, made several recommendations based on my situation, and then very quickly mailed out the ordered item. But, she did a little bit more…. she included a surprise! An  additional item, sample size, but nonetheless, it was a little extra based on our conversation.

Several months later, when I needed to replenish my facial product, where do you think I remembered to order from? I called and the same woman answered. She pulled up my file, acknowledged my previous order and asked me how I had been doing since my last order. We exchanged pleasantries, I repeated my past order, and once again she quickly mailed out the item along with another “surprise”. It was fun to see what she had included. Nothing big or expensive, but just a little extra.

I have been ordering now from this site for over 7 years. I know Christie is the woman’s name. A couple weeks ago, I called her to order the same product for my daughter. I mentioned she had just had her first baby and to please include a note in the order that said “Happy First Mother’s Day”. Since I was almost out of the product, I asked her to send me a new bottle too. When I received the package, not only was there a “surprise” included, but also a handwritten note that said “Happy Mother’s Day to you Too!”

My daughter called to thank me for the product and mentioned she was excited to try a “surprise” she had received. Christie has upsold me on a couple other items that I now use as my basic skincare regimen based on the trust she has built with me. I am a LOYAL customer. I would not think of going anywhere else to buy these products even if I could find them a little cheaper somewhere else. Christie has earned my loyalty by creating an emotional connection with her business and building a relationship with me.

It doesn’t take a lot, but the payoffs are huge. It costs a business 3 to 5 times more to get a new customer vs. keeping the one you have. What kind of customer service are you giving to your customers that is building their loyalty with you?

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