Jet Blue is on the offense. They are determined to be strong competition for Southwest Airlines and they are quickly becoming my favorite airline. They know the value of the customer experience and actually have a position titled “Customer Experience Executive”. The purpose of the position is to ensure employees of the importance of having the right attitude, something they call “Jetitude”.

According to their definition of “Jetitude” it consists of 5 behaviors:
1. Always be in the blue
2. Be personal
3. Attempt to solve a problem right away
4. Be engaging
5. Be thankful to every customer

Jet Blue also knows the impact of the entire experience. They have provided the TSA agents that work in their areas, upgraded padded seats, padded mats to stand on and their break room has free drinks. While the airports normally pay for these types of things, Jet Blue negotiated to pay extra to make the TSA agents happy. Their thinking: the passengers have to pass through the TSA agents before getting to them and if they are happy and give a good experience, then when the passenger gets to the Jet Blue gate area they are going to be happier”. Good attitudes are contagious!

Has all this paid off for Jet Blue? You bet it has! They have consistently been ranked in the top 5 for all airlines in customer service, usually has the number one spot for value airlines, and have the highest score of any airline in measure of customers likely to give referrals. Most of all, they have made money in past several years when so many other airlines are in the red.

So, check out the “Jetitude” in your organization and see if it needs kicking up a notch.


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