>A man remarked that Apple Computer’s customer service is ridiculously great.  At each point of contact he always received consistently great service.  He wanted to see how far they would go.

He went into one of their stores, sat down, pulled out his cell and ordered a pizza.  When the pizza was delivered, the Apple employees offered him napkins.

So, the man told his wife to get all dressed up, that he was taking her out for a date.  He put on his best suit, hired a violinist and took his wife to an Apple store.  The violinist began playing and the man asked his wife to dance.   While they were dancing, an employee asked if they would like to have their picture taken.

The man thought and thought as he wanted to really push the Apple employees to their limits on this unbelievable customer service he was experiencing.  He found a goat and took it into one of their stores and started shopping around.  An employee came over and asked if his goat would like some water.

Most business owners would be shaking their heads over how absurd this level of service seems to be.  Yet, this week, it was in all the news how the U.S. Government has cash reserves of $74 billion dollars, but Apple exceeds this amount in whereas they have $76 billion in reserves.

Superior customer service pays and it must be engrained into the culture.  Apple knows this and works very hard at keeping and protecting their culture.


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