Back to the Basics


Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines is preaching a back to the basics message to employees; such as, on-time performance. When asked why that is a priority for 2018, he stated “because that is what customers want. We need to be dependable in that sense so they can make their plans and know their plans will be fulfilled.”

And isn’t that what your customers want too? They use your services and products because they have plans and they want to be able to trust that you will fulfill your end of the deal so they can fulfill theirs.

There are three basics of good customer service.

1. Deliver what you promise, when you say that you will. Call the customer as soon as you see you can’t. Make sure customers know they made the right decision by doing business with you. Earn their trust.

2. Personalize. Take the time to truly listen to your customers so you can individualize your services. Be proactive and anticipate their needs. Recognize that even after the sale you can create magical moments by following up to ensure they are happy.

3. Be a problem solver. Look for resolutions to eliminate problems for the customer. Find a way to make their day easier for them. Be innovative in removing the traditional points of pain in the processes to deliver to the customer. You will be a hero and stand out among your competition when you do.

Just being quick and efficient in what you do is not going to gain your customers’ loyalty. It is about the entire customer experience and making the customer feel valued that will win their devotion to your organization. Southwest Airlines is known for their raving fans and Gary Kelly wants to make sure he pleases those fans and attracts new ones. That’s why he is going back to the basics.

Maybe your organization should too!

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