Holiday Service at its Best! 10 Great Tips.

All signs of the holidays approaching are here, whether we are ready or not. Street wreaths are hung, store window displays are glittering, and holiday carols are playing on the radio. The environment is shouting for everyone to get in the spirit and be merry, but have you done the training for your staff to do the same?

Sometimes it is the holiday shopping that brings a new customer to your store and this is the only chance you might get to win their business. How your staff treats each and every customer matters. It is not acceptable for one customer to be ignored, spoken to condescendingly, or treated with indifference. Just because you might be lucky to have a lot of customers coming into your business over the next five weeks, doesn’t necessarily mean you will keep them to become loyal customers. But here’s your chance, so be ready!

Here are ten things you can do:

1. Refer to customers as guests. People treat guests in their home nicer than they sometimes  do the members of their own family.
2. Teach all staff the basic courtesies of customer service – don’t assume they know. How to greet, smile, give eye contact, help find what they need, saying  Thank You.
3. Educate staff on your products/services or how to find the information so they can answer guest questions knowledgeably.
4. Take the time with part time staff to educate them too. The guest doesn’t  know who is part-time and who is full-time.
5. Start to praise those employees who model the basic courtesies to set them up as role models for other employees.
6. Make a hero out of the employee who creates a WOW for a guest. This will make them feel good and encourage others to look for making WOW moments happen.
7. Post reminders around the work place (not in the guests’ view) of the importance of delivering excellent service.
8. Start each employee’s shift off with the reminder that excellent service IS their job, not an add-on or a choice.
9. Hang a mirror in the employee back area with a note to put a smile on their face when they enter a guest area because they will be “on-stage”.
10. Make a competition of turning angry guests into happy guests. Pick a winner each day and give a small token of appreciation.

This holiday season may be your opportunity to make a great first impression on alot of new customers.  Creating loyal customers who will keep coming back is what will make you successful next year.  Don’t take these moments lightly.  Prepare your staff and be ready because your customers will remember how they were treated and how you made them feel.  It’s all about the customer experience.

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