When you are helping people create memories, you must be honest.  And that’s the driving value at Holiday Isle Properties, Inc. in Destin, Florida.  Patrica Denny, the owner, and her staff all work hard to ensure their guests have the best possible experience for that special occasion when someone wants to get away and enjoy the beautiful beaches and area of Destin.  By being honest up front with guests, the staff believes they can ensure the vacation rental that is ultimately selected, will be the one that will make their guests happiest.  And happy guests turn into repeat guests!

How many times have you been misled by sales staff who are so anxious to make the sale?  When the moment of truth arrives, you, the customer feel manipulated, misled, and deceived.  Chances of you recommending or going back to do business with that organization is zero to slim.  Why?  You feel you can’t trust them!

Holiday Isle Properties go out of their way to ensure you know what you are getting with the vacation rental property you are booking.  They will spend time actively listening to your desires and needs, send 3 dimensional pictures, advise you of what’s what – all so that when you book and when you arrive, there are no surprises.  Of course, this means that all their employees are competently knowledgeable on each one of their properties.

Not only have they survived the recession and Gulf oil spill, they have doubled their repeat business in the last year by creating loyal customers.   Superior customer service pays and that includes being honest about your product!

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