Buying a Honey-Baked Ham usually marks a special event in our family. Over the years, it has been a holiday tradition to place the order and pick up the prized meal entrée that becomes the centerpiece for the big dinner. This year was no exception; however, a simple element in the delivery process had changed that left an empty feeling in the customer experience.

It was at the point of contact when the counter personnel was handing over the ham and would always offer to show the customer how to cut the ham so it would make an impressive presentation on the table. This was not offered at Thanksgiving this year and wasn’t  noticed until getting ready to prepare the ham and realizing that the instructions had not been offered and couldn’t  remember how it had been done in the past. It was the same experience at Christmas.

What a missed opportunity! Not only was it a touch point with the customer to offer advice (the highest form of customer service), but also to begin building a relationship and a chance to sell a side item and increase revenue. If efficiency was the intent of the change in delivery process, then they have succeeded. But, as a customer, I am left feeling “processed”, not “valued”.

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