4 things you can do to WOW your customers:

1. Look through their lens. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What are they wanting, desiring, expecting? Identify with their emotions, then meet their needs. This will make them feel as if they are not just “next” in line and another transaction, but that they are special to you.

2. Everything Speaks. Everything your customers see, hear, smell or touch in your environment is making an impact on your customer’s experience, so take a look around and see what your physical location is speaking. What kind of message is it sending: professional or casual, organized or cluttered, clean or dirty, innovative or mundane, etc.? Is it the message you want it to be sending?

3. Exceed expectations. If you just meet your customer’s expectations that is all well and good, but that is what they are paying for. If you really want to add value, do something a little bit more than what they expect. Doesn’t have to be huge, but something unexpected. Pay attention to the details, it’s the little things that count.

4. Make it easy to do business. Take a walk through your processes as though you were a customer. Is it easy to do business with you or is it difficult? Did you have to go through 10 voice mail prompts to find the person who could help you? Did you have to go from one department to another department to get what you needed. How can you streamline and make it more pleasant to meet customer needs in the way you set up your processes and procedures?

In today’s world you may only get one chance to WOW a customer before they choose to go somewhere else.  Make the most of their experience with you and don’t leave it up to chance.  Excellent service delivery is the competitive edge.


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