Then, you have time to clean.  This was the slogan, founder Ray Kroc, made sure all employees of McDonalds knew by heart.  He had seen and eaten at a lot of “fast food” places and he knew the three essential ingredients for a successful dining experience would be Quality, Service and Cleanliness.  Its interesting too, that most employees will remember this no matter how long ago they worked for McDonalds.  My neighbor’s first job, forty years ago was at a McDonalds and when I asked her what she remembered most about her work there, she quickly quoted “if you have time to lean, then you have time to clean”.  Words of wisdom she is now passing on to her daughter who is currently working at a high class restaurant but was admonished by her supervisor recently that she should never just be standing around even when there were no customers and she didn’t know what she should be doing.

Cleanliness will always make a difference in the experience.  Walt Disney, himself, said the three reasons why guests would keep coming back to Disney is because it was Clean, Friendly, and Fun.

Everything Speaks.  Are you facilities “clean”?  Do you employees clean when they have time to lean?


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