My husband just received a call from a trash removal company on one of his commercial sites asking the question “don’t we provide great service?” As the account had provided nothing but problems in the past few years, the question seemed out of place. After asking if there was anything they could do to improve their service, the caller was frustrated as my husband started providing a litany of things on the account that needed to be addressed. It quickly became apparent that they had no interest in actually improving any services, but were worried because their corporate offices had retained the Nielson Company to survey customer satisfaction. It was ironic the caller requested specific contact information for the account in order to send the survey, but did not have a specific representative for my husband to call, had used a restricted line blocking their number, and could only provide a general department number for them to be reached. Obviously, they wanted all communication to be outgoing, not incoming.

Is it good customer service to allow employees to solicit high scores to meet service initiatives, when service excellence is clearly not part of their culture?


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