>I just received this note from a client who runs an incredible art gallery – the Art Gallery of Ontario. One of their volunteers was leading a tour showing off the recent renovations for the artistic director of a local theatre. She mentioned that she and her family had been enthusiastic subscribers of his theatre for many years. However, she couldn’t resist the opportunity of sharing how disappointed she and her family were that they no longer sold jelly beans in his lobby.
The director explained apologetically about the crackly mylar packaging in a quiet theatre and its annoyance to other theatre attendees, but the volunteer dismissed the explanation. The tour was successful and they all parted their ways.

The next week the volunteer approached the Will Call at the local theatre to pick up her family’s season tickets. She gave her name and the response from the young woman behind the counter was “Oh! These are for you!” Her jaws dropped as the young woman proceeded to set four large bags of jellybeans on the counter each enclosed in a sheer silk purse tied with satin ribbons and accompanied by a lovely note from the artistic director. When the volunteer commented on the incredible packaging, the young woman proudly said “these were made by our costume department”.

Truly an excellent and memorable experience and YES, it was really about the jelly beans and making someone feel special.

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