customer service at India's dhobi ghat

customer service at India’s dhobi ghat


I had an incredible experience watching the washermen, “dhobis” clean laundry at the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai. My tour guide said this was a way of life, a colony that has been in place since 1890, as the world’s largest open air unmechanized laundry facility. Each washer is responsible for signing up their own customers, collecting their laundry, washing, and returning it back that evening. This is done with amazing accuracy.

Accuracy and customer service is how this form of cleaning stays in business. If you didn’t get your correct laundry items back or it wasn’t timely, you wouldn’t use the service again. Processes have been designed to make this happen every day, every time.

I think of businesses today that forget the simplicity of what will make them successful also: accuracy and customer service. Deliver what you promise and do it in a way that makes your customer so happy and so easy to be doing business with you that they won’t even consider going somewhere else.

Processes should be designed from the outside-in vs. the inside-out. Just like the dhobis determine what your customers want and then figure out how you will make it happen every time.

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