This past week while shopping in downtown Chicago, I got to experience once again why Nordstrom’s stays on top of the companies known for their world-class service.  Yes, they have an incredible return policy I hear, but what wowed me this visit was “three little things”.

1.  The floor rep in the women’s department asked if I was looking for anything in particular.  When I said “yes”, she knew exactly where to take me to find it.  Then she introduced herself and asked my name.  From then on, she called me by name and helped me through my shopping experience.

2.  When she completed the ringing up of my new items, she folded them neatly into the bag and walked around the cash register counter, handed the bag to me, and thanked me for shopping with Nordstrom’s.

3.  As I walked around the other floors, I was approached by several floor reps who asked if I needed help.  When I responded “no”, they cheerily wished me well and quietly walked away.  No sulking, no badgering, no pushing for me to buy more.

I observed these behaviors all across the store on every level and every department.  It is the consistency in these little things that make shoppers feel welcome and happy to shop at Nordstrom’s.  The key is to find what makes your customers feel welcome and happy to do business with you and then ensure the consistency of these behaviors – so you can benefit from repeat business and loyal customers just like Nordstrom’s.

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