Last week was the week for service repairs at the Yanovitch home. Doesn’t it seem when one thing goes, everything starts to go? I know you all know what it’s like to have service people come into your home. You know who I mean…the guys to take care of the air conditioner, the plumbing, installing things, etc.

Well, I had some great service people who I found very memorable because they understood the power of customer service. It started with their confidence and competence. I’m talking about when I called the pest control company to see if they could take care of an intermittent problem with ants. My phone call was answered promptly by a live human being and I was promised someone would call me back later that afternoon. Much to my delight, they called right back and we set up an appointment for later that afternoon. Overpromise and overdeliver.

The kitchen sink pipe had burst and when I called the repairman in a panic because I was hosting a dinner party that evening, he promised he would be able to complete the repair in plenty of time for my preparations. Not only did he repair the pipe, he cleaned out my cupboard below the sink and neatly organized my kitchen supplies and then mopped the kitchen floor area around the sink. When I shared my appreciation for his thoughtfulness, he said “I always leave a customer’s home looking better than it was when I came.” Its paying attention to the detailsOverpromise and overdeliver.

I have a twice a year air conditioning service and of course it was their scheduled time to come last week. They called and looked through my lens to ask me when I would like them to come out and then reminded me that I had not put in a new filter the last service call. Since it is a special order filter, it would save a second trip so I placed the order. The repairman arrived in uniform and introduced himself by name. He politely referred to me by name as Ms. Yanovitch and told me not to worry that he would complete the inspection and ensure everything was in top shape condition. After he completed the work, he asked if there was anything else he could do and I mentioned an air flow problem in my son’s room. He looked at the vents and then identified several recommendations and advice for resolving the problem. He delivered on the 4 things customer value most and he added in a dose of cheerfulness and courtesy. Overpromise and overdeliver.

Competition is tough out there. You want to consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.


Teri Yanovitch is a leading speaker, trainer and consultant on creating a culture of customer service within an organization. Her firm T.A.Yanovitch, Inc. provides a clear and proven process on how to create this culture of service and helps guide organizations to ensure their success. Through her presentations, workshops and training, Teri has assisted organizations from all industries to differentiate their business through the competitive edge of the customer experience.

Her highly acclaimed book Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to “ Ultimate Customer Service” has sold over 32,000 books and is recognized as a practical, hands-on approach to providing a seamless extraordinary service experience to retain customers and employees. Contact Teri at ty@retainloyalcustomers.com for your next speaking engagement or for a copy of her book.

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