>I was doing a convention program at a very nice resort hotel talking about Service Excellence, of course. Afterwards, a gentleman came up to me and asked if he could share his story of excellent service.

He proceeded to tell me that he usually attended his company’s conventions accompanied by his wife… and he had a very good reason for this. It was obvious in looking at the man that he had only one arm. So having his wife along on the trip helped him out in many ways. But on this particular trip, circumstances had prevented her from accompanying him.

As he continued, he told me that on the previous evening, he had gone out for dinner with a group of people from his company to a top rated fine-dining steak house. Everyone was seated at the table and the waiter came up to take their orders. The gentleman ordered a steak and it wasn’t until after the order was placed and the waiter left, that he realized his wife was not sitting next to him and he would not be able to cut his steak on his own. On every trip with his wife, he could count on her to cut his steak for him, but that wasn’t true for this trip. This caused him to become rather concerned as he anticipated the embarrassment of having to ask one of the people seated with him to help him cut his steak. He said he was not sure what he was going to do.

The waiter soon came out with all the steaks and proceeded to place them, one by one, in front of each person seated at the table. The gentleman looked down at his plate and to his surprise, he saw that unlike all the other steaks being served, that his had already been cut up into bite size pieces.

How much did it cost that restaurant to make this gesture? How many times do you think that gentleman has told this story? All because a server took the time to pay attention to the details and communicate that information to the chef.  Didn’t cost the restaurant a dime, but the rewards of pay off are huge.

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