Customers don’t like to hear these words

There are words and phrases that tend to incite more frustration and anger with the customer than other words and phrases. Below are two ways to say the same thing, but the Calming Phrases are a much better way.

“There’s nothing that can be done.” Instead use the more calming phrase: “Here is what I can do…”

“I’m really not too sure.” Customers believe that if you are working at a business you should be an expert and know their products and services. They don’t like hearing that you are not sure. Instead, if you don’t know the answer to the question reply: “I will find out.” Go find out and get back to them as quick as possible.

“That’s our policy.” Customers feel this phrase is a copout and get very irritated when they hear these words. Think about it. Most policies were put in place because something happened at one time or another to cause a concern that others might be harmed. Therefore preface with this phrase: “ In order to protect you, we have a policy in place that…”

“You have to.” No one likes to be told that they have to do anything, especially customers who are paying you. So, try this phrase which evokes partnership: “Let’s do this, first I will… and you can… then together we…”
Walt Disney World has been using a similar phrase when they see guests who are not wearing their face masks. The cast member goes up to the guest and says, “Let’s make sure WE are all wearing our masks.”

It is always important to look through the lens of the customer and ensure you are customer -focused to read their emotions and appropriately choose your wording.

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