Markings for Social Distance

My mother is 90 years old and says she has never seen anything like what the world is going through today. In my town of Orlando, Walt Disney World has closed, Universal Studios has closed, the beaches are shut, restaurants are shuttered and the streets are quiet. We have been through devastating hurricanes and have those preparation steps down pat, but we have never faced an invisible threat like this virus.

There are a few stores still open that provide needed supplies such as groceries, prescriptions, sanitizers, toilet paper, etc. People need these essentials as they try to stay quarantined in their homes, but they are nervous they will catch the virus if they go out into the physical stores. Three stores that have done a great job in trying to protect and keep their customers safe while also providing the needed items are Costco, Fresh Market, and Publix. The safety measures they have put in place have projected confidence to their customers. This only helps to solidify the loyalty they have already established with so many customers pre-coronavirus.

Costco and Publix have created a job position for an employee to sanitize each cart and greet every customer in a positive manner. Fresh Market provides sanitary wipes besides the cart section, but also has the cashiers wipe down the outside of each product before bagging. Costco has limited the number of customers that can enter the store at the same time and yellow-taped down markings for customers to stay the proper social distance while waiting in the prescription line.

Will these measures be enough? No one knows. But, it does show they care about their customers that they are trying to keep them protected. Brainstorm with your employees and identify ways you can VISIBLY help protect your customers and employees too.  Use a Service Map to assist in revamping process flows.

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