At a Broadway show, when the curtain goes up, the audience sees and hears all the actors. They pay attention to the smallest details of what they do and say. Just like this, no matter what kind of business you are in, the “curtain” goes up every time your business opens its front door or the first phone call rings. Customers don’t really care if the employee that answers that call or steps up to help them doesn’t feel good that day or would rather be somewhere else, all they care about is getting their need taken care of.

Professional employees know that they are like the actor/actress on a stage. They are aware of their body language, facial expressions, voice tone, and word choice. They know they are being watched and want to put on the best performance they can.

Disney cast members are reminded every day that it is only in a backstage area that they are allowed to eat, drink and even gripe about the guests if they want. Do you have a place “backstage” away from customers for your employees to put down their hair and relax? It’s hard to stay fresh eight hours a day. A small break away from your customers is a simple secret to delivering strong performance and great service.

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