Doak at Soapy’s Dog Wash

Doak is my beautiful 90 lb. chocolate lab. He was my son’s puppy when he was in college and thus the name Doak, after Doak Campbell FSU football stadium. My son graduated and took a job in the big city where apartments don’t allow dogs bigger than 40 lbs. So, I inherited Doak.

This past winter, I didn’t have the heart to hose bathe him in the rain and cold weather, so I took him to a place called Soapy’s Dog Wash in Apopka, Florida. Never having been to a “dogwash” facility before, I pictured it like a drive-in car wash with just the basics. This perception was changed the moment I walked in their door. I was quickly Wowed! It was convenient, easy, and fun. No mess, no cleanup and no wet dog to take home.

The first time I took Doak, the front area employee greeted us enthusiastically and patiently showed me how the stalls, hoses, and blow dryer worked. She gave me an apron and Doak a treat to entice him in the stall and made us both feel comfortable. The next time we went back, we received the same warm, friendly, helpful, and caring treatment.

Yesterday, I took Doak back for the third time and now consider myself a loyal customer. Soapy’s Dog Wash has earned my trust by delivering a consistent excellent experience with each visit. Consistency builds trust and when your customers know that they can count on your organization to accurately deliver what you’ve promised and you surround that delivery with an outstanding experience, then you will increase your loyal customer base.

And loyal customers can be quite profitable. For small businesses, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times the amount they spend on their first purchase. This can add up quickly.

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