>In the fight for customers, businesses today are looking to cut prices, innovate processes and spend money on advertising to woo you to come purchase from them.   KMart and JC Penney have already announced they will be spending more advertising dollars this holiday season on marketing their low prices and great buys. In fact, they are starting now to get the word out so shoppers will want to get in their stores soon and take advantage of these deals.

It is going to take more than advertising, low prices and creative displays to win over the business these two stores in particular have lost over the years.  The lack of knowledgeable and helpful employees, short staffing, disorganized and cluttered product setups,  have all contributed to the decline of their businesses.  The hyped up advertising may draw customers back into the stores, but unless they are preparing their stores and employees to be customer-focused and show they care customers are coming in to do business with them, it will be money lost.  How many times have you gone to make a purchase for a product or service and the employees were either nowhere to be found or displayed such an attitude of indifference – that you left?

It will be the businesses that train employees to be competent and knowledgeable on their products/services, exhibit a customer service friendly manner and deliver what they promise that will build repeat loyal customers.  These customers will then do the advertising for them because they will be so pleased with the experience.

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