Does it feel like things are getting better? Some businesses say “yes”, some say “a little bit” and others say “no”. In fact, as I continue to look around our town, there are many retail and office sites that continue to have signs up: “For Lease”. What can a business do to survive this recovering recession?

It will come down to the basics of quality and great customer service.  While you may have a commodity product/service that you are selling, you will not even be in the race if you don’t give your customers what you promised.  Is it accurate?  Does it conform to the requirements?  Will it do what you promised?  Quality is first and foremost the key to retaining customers.

Secondly, will be how you deliver that product/service.  Great customer service builds relationships and relationships create loyal customers.  A key to surviving this recession is to create loyal customers who will stick with you for as long as they can themselves continue to do business.  Treat your customers like gold.  Make first impressions count.  Be proactive and exceed expectations.

If we want to come out of this recession with smiling customers and be smiling yourself, it is going to take a major effort by every employee, starting with top management, to realize that with each interaction, you can build up your name, image and reputation or you can tear it down.  A business today cannot afford to tear one customer interaction down.


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