“Jishu kanri” in Japanese means “every worker is an inspector”. Lina Maggio, one of the owners of The Cellar, a fine dining restaurant in Daytona Beach, Fl. http://www.thecellarrestaurant.com/ certainly sets this tone at her award winning restaurant. Every wine glass must be inspected before being placed on a guest table or on the hanging wine rack.

In this delightful atmosphere with twelve Tiffany windows and an ambiance of old world charm and elegance, Lina knows the entire dining experience can be ruined by an impression of lipstick stains or other smudges on the first thing a guest orders – a glass of wine. Therefore, the rule is: every glass must be inspected. And, she leads by example. Throughout the evening as clean wine glasses are ready to be set out, Lina is seen picking them up and peering at them in the light to ensure they are sparkling and clear. Every employee knows that they must do the same when they are preparing their tables.

Lina is very aware of her role modeling and paying attention to the details. When I commented on noticing her glass inspections, she replied that she knows how important a clean glass is to a guest and she wants to make it very clear to her staff how important this must be to them too. She is setting a clear service standard. Has this attention to detail and having every employee inspect their work paid off? Absolutely! The Cellar has won many awards and has been in business for over 18 years. I will go back and I highly recommend you visit them too.

Are you setting clear service standards for your employees? Are you a strong role model? Do you empower your employees to inspect their own work and take action when it is not up to the standard? Pride of ownership goes a long way.

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