If leaders are serious about creating a culture of excellence, they must be CONSISTENT in their follow- up and INSISTENT in their performance. The foundation of a culture begins with defining the acceptable Behaviors and Standards that are expected to be performed in day-to-day interactions.

Every employee must know how these Behaviors can be exhibited in their interactions with others and their job tasks. These Standards must be clearly defined and communicated to everyone in the organization, top to bottom. Once this has occurred, the leaders must be CONSISTENT in ensuring adherence to these Standards. It is not okay to ignore or walk by someone who is not exhibiting the Standard and let it go without saying or doing something. If so, the leader is saying in effect “I didn’t really mean I was serious about them”. It is also not okay for leaders to allow some employees to not follow the Standards for whatever reasons. I have heard managers say “well, that’s Joe and we know Joe never follows the rules” or “she’s been here a long time and we’ve given up trying to get her to follow our ways, we just work around her”.

If you really are determined to create a strong culture of excellence, then you must be CONSISTENT.
Secondly, leaders must be INSISTENT. Sure, it may be tough with long-term engrained employees or maybe even your superstars who think they are above the fray in following certain Standards, but you must be ready and willing to persist in their adherence to the Standards too. Otherwise all the other employees become resentful and may only follow the Standards when they think you are looking and paying attention.  Another challenging time may be when a difficult situation arises and it would be easier to forego following the Standards “just this once” – DON’T DO IT! Because once you are not INSISTENT in performing in the agreed to manner and Behaviors, be ready for the next excuse, and the next, and the next. Till no longer is there really a Standard.

CONSISTENT and INSISTENT – two powerful words in creating a culture.

Teri Yanovitch is a leading speaker, trainer and consultant on creating a culture of customer service within an organization. Her firm T.A.Yanovitch, Inc. provides a clear and proven process on how to create this culture of service and helps guide organizations to ensure their success. Through her presentations, workshops and training, Teri has assisted organizations from all industries to differentiate their business through the competitive edge of the customer experience.
Contact Teri at ty@retainloyalcustomers.com

Her highly acclaimed book Unleashing Excellence – The Complete Guide to “ Ultimate Customer Service” has sold over 32,000 books and is recognized as a practical, hands-on approach to providing a seamless extraordinary service experience to retain customers and employees. Contact Teri at ty@retainloyalcustomers.com for your next speaking engagement or for a copy of her book.

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