It’s finally happening! The government is going to start holding itself accountable in the services it offers the public. According to Yelp, it is now open for taxpayers to review hundreds of federal and state tourist destinations, motor vehicle agencies, post offices, court houses and many more government run locations by going to its new section titled: Public Services & Government.

If it does what it has done to restaurants, then we might actually get a turn-around in the level of service we have typically received in the past from these types of agencies and sites. Instead of feeling like a burden or annoyance, employees might start treating us as “customers” who they want to do repeat business with.

I know before my husband and I go out to dinner, we check the Yelp ratings. If it’s less than a 4 star, we rarely even give it a chance. When we go on vacation, we will look for the 5 star ratings in the area first and those restaurants will be the ones of choice.

This could be a game-changer. Whereas in the past, citizens have been at the mercy of the frontline staff for how they are treated with no chance for repercussion other than the supervisor or manager if they received poor service – now they will be able to vent and post those feelings for millions to see. No one likes to see themselves or their place of employment bashed. I could be wrong, but I see governmental managers and employees start taking customer service more seriously. And wouldn’t that be wonderful!

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