3 Easy Tips on How to Provide Quality Service to Students


Student satisfaction has a direct correlation to increased retention. If a student is happy, they will stay. Enrollment will increase because if they stay, they will inevitably tell their friends. This will increase recruitment opportunities which will result in more tuition revenue.

Providing quality service means taking good care of the student while they are at your institution. It doesn’t mean giving them an “A” grade if they don’t deserve it, it means identifying ways to make their experience a positive and memorable experience in their life.

The critical component is that EVERY employee must recognize the impact they have on the student experience. Here are three tips every employee should exhibit in their day-to-day interactions:

1. Be responsive to the student and their parents. Answer their questions in a timely manner (even if the answer is “NO”, it is better to receive an answer than not receive one.

2. Treat students with respect and dignity. Every student is important. Many universities and colleges are melting pots of diversity. Show everyone the same respect.

3. Provide direction on how to resolve their problems and issues. You don’t have to solve the problem for them, but they should not be bounced from department to department trying to figure out who can assist in resolving their issue.

Customer service in an educational institution must start at the top with the leadership and permeate down throughout the organization so every employee recognizes that delivering great  service is part of their job. This starts with recruiting service-oriented employees and reinforcing through recognition its importance.

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