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It doesn’t take alot these days to delight customers.  Customer expectations have gotten so low, that the slightest bit of attention by an employee to make our buying experience better, goes a long way.
Here are three simple ways that I have experienced as a customer in the last few days, that made me feel like I was a valued customer.

1.  Be friendly.  In fact, be aggressively friendly (in a nice manner).  Be the first to draw the customer into a conversation.  Be the first to make eye contact and smile.  Example:  Doing my grocery shopping in the produce department at Publix yesterday, the manager of that department started up a conversation on apples as he noticed me trying to make a decision on which ones to purchase.  He gave me a quick rundown on the differences and shared his favorite kind.

2.  Be helpful.  Look for opportunities to go out of your way to be helpful.  While on my way out of the Costco store,  I dropped a carton of raspberries I had just paid for on the floor as I was struggling to balance all my items.  Not expecting any help, I set my other items down and started picking up each raspberry so no one would possibly slip and fall on one.  A Costco employee came over and told me not to worry, but they would handle the mess and then asked if they could go back and get me a new carton of raspberries to replace the now incomplete one.

3.  Be knowledgeable.  Know other jobs or what other job positions related to yours do.  Cross-train whenever possible.  The AT & T employee who helped my daughter with her new i-phone purchase was fantastic.  Whatever question my daughter had, she knew the answer or where to go get it.  The entire experience was so much more delightful because we were able to deal with just the one person.

Customer Service matters.  Stop and observe your employees to see  how often they exhibit these three behaviors.  If they are not, you are missing simple ways that are guaranteed to delight your customers.


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