Becoming World-Class is a Process

Following are the top 4 reasons why the implementation of a culture of  world-class service excellence is not sustained:

1. The effort feels like a program rather than a process.  A “program” makes people believe that if they go through the motions and patiently wait it out, it will soon be replaced by something else. A “process” is a cultural shift at all levels and lets everyone know this is how business is going to be done from now on.

2. All efforts are aimed at the lower level of the organization.  There is an obvious lack of upper management buy-in and commitment.

3. The first Service Excellence Team does not get changed out after 18 months.  They stay in place, run out of ideas, start canceling Service Excellence Team meetings and the Process grows stale and boring.

4. The Service Excellence Team chairperson does not have regularly scheduled meetings with the CEO/President concerning the progress and obstacles encountered in the implementation of the process. It is not given as high a priority as the other key critical indicators in senior management meetings; such as budgets, schedules, operations, etc.

Becoming world-class doesn’t happen overnight.  Just like becoming a top-notch runner, it takes years of training, dedication, and perseverance.  By having a Service Excellence Team to be the conscience and to provide the structure, senior leadership to set the tone and hold everyone accountable, front line staff to  take ownership of their roles, a culture of service excellence will give you the competitive edge that helps you win the race.

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