Managers Lead by Example

If managers truly want the delivery of excellent service to become a way of life in the department they lead, they must “walk the talk”. But, exactly,what are ways, a manager can do that? Following are seven simple actions for a manager to show in a visible fashion they are committed to customer service and the customer experience:

1. Hold a 10 minute meeting on your Service Philosophy and Service Standards every week.

2. Have coffee with a different employee each day and talk about service issues and the customer experience.

3. Invite external customers to talk to employees about Service.

4. Meet with other department managers to discuss ways to improve internal service.

5. Post service excellence reminders and success stories in the workplace.

6. Share books, articles, quotes, and videos that will help your employees better understand what amazing Service looks like.

7. Prepare 5 one-minute speeches on the value of the customer experience and be ready to deliver them when needed.

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