The Old Way will go away

Whether you are a restaurant, retail store, bank, university, or other type of organization, the way processes and systems were done in the past will not ever be the same. There will become a New Normal. Many people do not like “change” for reasons ranging from the uncomfortableness to the unknown. It has been quite common in the past to hear employees facing a change to make the comment “That’s not how we’ve always done it” in the hopes they can continue the status quo of how things were done and not have to learn a new way.

You won’t be hearing those 7 words in the future. As organizations have been struggling to survive during this virus crisis, those that have been successful have already changed everything about the customer experience. And those organizations that are just getting the go ahead to open, must also relook at the entire customer experience and realize the old way of doing things will not keep you in the game today.

World-class customer service organizations have already been putting in the time and effort to create a “touchless” customer experience. Costco, Chick-fil-A, Trader Joe’s, and AAMCO are just a few that I have personally experienced with almost complete no-touch occurrences other than the actual product. Is customer service still a part of that experience? You bet it is!

Employees in all the above operations were visible, friendly, helpful, empathetic, and knowledgeable about their product, safety procedures, and redesigned processes. The old way of doing business had definitely been replaced with new systems and processes from start to finish in the customer experience. The words and attitude of “That’s not how we’ve always done it” have no place in the New Normal.

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