A micro-moment in time.

I have just spent the last half hour trying to complete an online form for my healthcare insurance company to change all my passwords as they sent notice that they have had a breach in their systems. Feeling they were being proactive in sending out this email and appreciating their honesty and transparency in notifying customers of the breach, I was more than obliged to go into their system and make the changes. However, once I submitted my email address, full name, phone number, etc. and tried to type in a new password, I kept getting an error notice that I was already in the system. Of course, I was! No other information was given, other than the word ERROR written in red. I tried retyping everything all over again, I tried getting out of the site and going back into the site, all to no avail. Finally, I gave up. Now, I am worried about my vulnerability and I am mad at the company forĀ  making it so difficult to make the changes they recommended.

It is these small micro-moments that can make or break the customer experience.

Service mapping is an excellent tool to use to look at each micro-moment your customer experiences with your organization. Looking through the lens of the customer at each touch point identifies problems, which then gives you the ability to prevent them from occurring. Service mapping the customer experience also compels you to think about how you could turn each point of contact into a WOW positive moment for your customer. The more engaging and helpful micro-moments will result in creating a more powerful connection with your customers to build their loyalty and retention.

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