The instructions said all you had to do was sign-in and follow the directions. Simple enough. Who would have imagined a process could be so daunting? Yet, it’s one we have all experienced. Either it’s a wrong user name or wrong password, so you attempt to change one or the other and it works this time, but not the next time. Now you forget which one was the final one that worked.

As one customer said “I sent an email to my contacts updating them with my new email address, then, did the same to my online accounts. Thought this would be a routine procedure; however, I would sign into my account with my old address, attempt to update my profile with the new address, change the password and the password would be sent to my old email address. It was a nightmare!”

It’s important to always look through the lens of the customer especially when dealing with technology. Process-prove your system many times and with different levels of knowledgeable users to make sure the process works and is easy to follow. Processes impact the customer’s experience – make sure yours is a positive one.

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