Atticheerleadertudes can be contagious if we let them. Negative attitudes seem to be quickly picked up by others if the surrounding environment does nothing to discourage them. People start to focus on what is wrong vs. what is right and the atmosphere takes on a toxic negativity. This ultimately can get picked up by the customer as they start to hear phrases that voice this inside poison. Phrases such as:
“That’s not my area – go see someone else”
“This really isn’t my problem”
“What a dumb question that was”
“I’m not paid enough to deal with this”

Don’t be a sponge to other people’s attitudes. Focus on your own. Develop positive affirmations , phrases you can say to yourself when the environment gets negative. Examples of positive self-talk are: “I can handle this” or “I am smart, I have the knowledge and skills and can help turn this situation around”.

You make the choice every day when you wake up – to be happy or to not be happy. Choose to be around people who are upbeat, not whiners or complainers. Put a smile on your face and act positive – this helps change your mood. Look for opportunities to create special moments for both internal and external customers and make them smile.

Your positive attitude can make the world around you a much better place to live and customers will be attracted to come back because it makes them feel better too.

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