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Last week I was in NYC visiting my daughter and we took a shopping trip to Bloomingdale’s. I cringed when I noticed my phone was almost dead as we entered the store. But much to my delight, upon arriving on a floor, there was a very cool charging station that offered Free Charging of phones while you shopped. At this point, I would have paid for a few minutes of charge, but Bloomingdale’s knows there is more likelihood of you staying and shopping longer if your phone is charged, so they offer it Free. A high tech Wow!

The low tech Wow came when I was strolling my new grandson through the aisles when suddenly he spit out his pacifier and off it fell to the floor. Desperately, I looked around for a restroom to wash it off, but couldn’t see one. A store employee was walking by and I asked him where the ladies’ rooms were. He said “third and fifth floors have one, you are on the fourth floor now”. The baby was now ready to howl for his pacifier and I dreaded having to go find an elevator, get down to another floor, and then to the restroom. The employee assessed the situation and asked if I could wait two minutes for him to run get me a bottle of water. He literally ran to a back employee area and came back with a bottle of ice cold water which I quickly dipped the pacifier in and gave back to a now smiling baby.

This employee could have answered my question about where restrooms were located and then moved on to complete whatever job task was next on his list. But, at Bloomingdale’s there is a culture of service excellence and this employee took this opportunity to own the moment and amaze a customer. No technology required.

When you have a culture of delivering WOW moments to your customers, you need both planned and spontaneous Wow’s. Some can be planned by using technology, others can be spontaneously performed by your employees who are trained and want to delight their customers.

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