Window washing company builds on relationships and trust

I live in a home with a lot of windows and have lived here for almost 17 years. About 15 years ago, I found a window washing service that I liked and since then have only used this small company. There is actually an emotional connection between myself and A Perfect Services. What differentiates their window washing from others who offer the same type of services? The two biggest factors are relationship and trust.

Mike is the owner. Mike calls every 6 months and reminds you that it’s time to schedule your next cleaning. About an hour after his window washers leave your house, Mike calls and says in his distinctive, heavy New York accent, “This is Mike. No need to call me back if you are happy with your windows, but if you are not or if there is anything you’d like to tell me about your service that you are unhappy with, please give me a call back.” Only once in 15 years have I called Mike back and he was so responsive to the situation, that it only increased my trust in his business.

The relationship that Mike has built through his personal connections to each and every customer is very powerful and has sustained his business even when competitors have undercut his pricing.

Trust is the second biggest factor. When Mike schedules his washers, he gives a one hour arrival window and they call when they are on the way to the home. One will start cleaning the outer windows, another will come inside. The one who comes inside always takes off their shoes and puts on cloth booties so they won’t mess up your floor. The same two workers have been coming for years and they work as a team. If one finishes up first, they will go help the other.
My windows shine and sparkle when they are done. You can tell each one takes pride in their work. Plus they know that they will be held accountable by Mike at the end of each and every job.

In addition to the relationship and trust factors, quality work, professional behaviors, timeliness, and ease of doing business with A Perfect Services makes me a very loyal customer.

And now for the rest of the story…. Mike passed away two years ago. His daughter took over his business. She is the one who calls to schedule the 6 month cleanings. The same two washers continue to come do the work. However, it is still Mike’s voice who answers the phone. Just like me, other customers who had never met Mike in person, but had developed such an emotional connection to his voice, didn’t want that part of the business to change.

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