Building Customer Loyalty

Chick-Fil- A knows it’s the little things that build customer loyalty. So, they have created a new advertising campaign promoting the little things they do to show they really do care about their customers.One ad is about a Chick-Fil- A employee who saved the $3.00 change that a drive -up customer forgot to get and took off. A month later when the employee saw this customer come through the location, he reached in his back pocket and gave the customer his $3.00 change back. The customer was amazed!

One ad shows a group of single mothers talking about Family Night at a Chick-Fil-A. One mom says how she was running late one evening and was very upset that it was going to be over before she could get her and her children there. The employee at the store knew how much Family Night meant to this mother and so she extended it for another hour that evening to allow the mom and her kids to participate. The mother starts tearing up as she tells the story.

Another ad is about football Game Day Rituals. This customer shares his excitement as a fan on Game Day  and one ritual is standing throughout the game.  He also  buys all the food for the tailgate parties from this Chick-Fil- A store. One big Game Day, an employee of the store not only has all the food order prepared and ready to go, but she has included cups  in the customer’s favorite team colors as a personal touch.  The customer is astonished.

Little things add up. Little things create unexpected WOWs for customers that they don’t forget. Not only does the advertising communicate to customers that Chick-Fil-A is paying attention to them, but it also communicates to its employees “here are things you can do for our customers.”  It doesn’t have to be a great big WOW to be effective. Little things can be just as powerful.

This is how you build Brand Loyalty.

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